The Birth of the Napalm Logo


Embarking on a dual journey as a mortgage loan officer and a freelance graphic designer, I found myself navigating the intricate rhythms of finance during the day and exploring the vibrant world of design by night. It was during this time that I had the privilege of working with an aspiring music producer, by the name of Napalm, on crafting a logo that would resonate with his unique sound and style.

The Genesis of Napalm

Napalm, a rising star in the music production scene, approached me with a vision to establish a brand that would reflect the explosive energy and intensity of his beats. I was really excited about this project since I wanted to continue running my graphic design business. This allowed me to be a mortgage loan officer by day and a graphic designer by night, and I was excited to delve into the world of music branding, where creativity and rhythm collided.

Navigating Dual Roles: Finance and Design

Balancing a career in finance while freelancing as a graphic designer presented its own set of challenges, but the duality of my roles became a source of inspiration. The structured and analytical nature of mortgage loan officer work provided a counterbalance to the free-flowing and artistic world of graphic design. It was this unique synergy that fueled my creativity as I embarked on the journey to create a logo for Napalm.

The Vision: A Sonic Explosion

Napalm’s music was intense, dynamic, and explosive. The challenge was to encapsulate these auditory sensations into a visual identity. We envisioned a logo that would communicate the sonic explosion Napalm’s beats triggered, a visual representation of the fire and energy his music exuded.

Unveiling the Sonic Symbol: A Brand is Born

The moment arrived when Napalm and I unveiled the logo to the world. The fiery emblem not only represented his brand but also encapsulated the journey we had undertaken together.

Conclusion: A Melodic Fusion

Crafting the Napalm logo during my simultaneous roles as a mortgage loan officer and a graphic designer was a testament to the harmonious fusion of seemingly disparate worlds. The experience not only enriched my design portfolio but also highlighted the interconnectedness of creativity in different spheres of life.

The Napalm logo stands tall, a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity.

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