Shiny and Chrome

Shiny & Chrome War Boy, by venezArt. Fan Art inspired by movie Mad Max Fury Road.

Image created using Reallusion Character Creator 3 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

If you haven’t seen the movie Mad Max Fury Road. I recommend it, if action over the top, from beginning to end is your type of movie.

My goal is always to take on a challenge when creating or developing a new project. With Mad Max Fury Road, there are so many great characters and ideas within the movie, and the entire franchise is hard not to get inspired. Several references to war boy characters were used for the model.

This is actully a second revision of War Boy. The original version is a basic model created as a sketch for testing purposes. View War Boy Model Here

My goal with the new version was to enhance the detail of the skin and increase the detail of the overall character. Always thriving towards realism.

Enjoy, Critique, Share, & Follow. Thank you.

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