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The Rise of Wall Street Apes

Weekly AI

So for this weeks AI weekly, we will be using a prompt related to Wall Street Apes. The term “Wall Street Apes” gained notoriety during the AMC and GameStop stock saga of early 2021, where a group of retail investors banded together to challenge traditional Wall Street institutions. The movement, which emerged primarily through online forums like Reddit’s WallStreetBets, showcased the power of collective action and the democratization of financial markets. The Wall Street Apes became symbols of defiance, resilience, and the potential to disrupt the established financial order.

Wild apes in suits inside a trading room with computer monitors going crazy, wall street bets, retail traders, [90 anime], line drawing, outline art, bold outline, [retro colors], ar 16:9, hyper detailed, cinematic shot, dramatic light, intricate details, perfect shading.

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