Get Ready to Savor the Flavor: Taco Tuesday Inspired Prompts!

colorful CGI Ai Image of street vendor, with tacos

Hello, creative souls!

We’re spicing things up at venezArt with a delicious twist! Introducing our sizzling new set of prompts inspired by everyone’s favorite day of the week – Taco Tuesday!

((Masterpiece, best quality, hyper real Quality)), ((1 man)), ((handing over a taco)), ((close up shot) (male cook vendor in window) , ((food truck vendor)) (facing viewer) front shot, smiling, with background of a city street filled with food trucks, comic book, pencil drawing
Negative prompt: (poorly drawn eyes), (poorly drawn hands), (poorly drawn iris), (poorly drawn pupils), (low quality, worst quality),(holding, multiple limbs, mutated limbs, mutated human, poorly drawn human body) saturated, high contrast

CGI image of street taco vendors, very colorful handing over tacos for taco tuesday, by venezArt©2023

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