Synthography CGI imag of CyberPunk like cities and ruins

Sci-Fi Concept Art Prompt

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I’m excited to announce our new prompt! This time, we’ll be exploring environmental and building structure concept art instead of the usual character-focused scenes. As an artist, I wanted to switch things up and showcase something new for my portfolio. So, without further ado, I’m thrilled to introduce a fresh SciFi-inspired prompt. Get ready for an artistic journey that celebrates the beauty, diversity, and wonder of the SciFi environment!

Imagine a world where politics, big corporations, and war have shattered humanity. This prompt is designed to immerse you in a captivating future sci-fi world, not just observe it. Share your environmental masterpieces with us using the hashtag #venezArtPrompts and let’s inspire a wave of unique, sci-fi worlds together.

((Masterpice)),((InkPunk style illustration)) inspired heavy metal art The chilling aftermath of a battle, with scattered artillery pieces, abandoned trenches, and a thick, oppressive fog settling over the land, the contrast in colors and textures should be distinct dramatic lighting, retro-futuristic, grainy texture

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