CGI image of Harley Quinn from DC comics

Harley Quinn Vaporwave

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I am excited to present an artwork that I have been working on for a while, featuring the DC character Harley Quinn. If you’ve been following my updates, you might have seen the teaser trailer that I posted earlier. However, if you haven’t noticed there is a significant difference between the old piece and the current one. After viewing Will Jack Art’s Harley Quinn artwork, I realized that the old piece lacked sexiness. So, I decided to take a new direction, create a new pose, and capture new angles of shots to improve the artwork.

The result is here, and I’ve spiced up the old idea by incorporating a Vaporwave art style and colors to make it even more appealing. You are welcome to critique, comment, like, share, follow, or subscribe. Thanks for your support.

CGI image of DC Character Harley Quinn in a Vaporwave art style

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