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Unleashing The Dark Knight with Stable Diffusion

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Behold, the Caped Crusader in all his glory! This rendition of Batman, created with a blend of mixed media and the mesmerizing Stable Diffusion, truly takes the Dark Knight to new heights.

With careful fine-tuning stable diffusion to a specific drawing style, every line and shadow were meticulously crafted to embody the essence of Gotham’s guardian. But the journey didn’t end there! Using graphic design software, I added the finishing touches, giving this masterpiece an electrifying presence that’s bound to leave an indelible mark.
Prompt I initially used to get the based rough:

(Detailed illustrated face), rough sketch outline, dark scene, cowboy shot of batman, athletic, white eyes, no pupils, night city, mist, particles, male focus, mask, muscular, muscular male, night, outdoors, rain, serious, dark armosphere, detailed background,
Negative Prompt
 (Bad_prompt_version2:0.7), (bad-hands-5:0.7), (worst quality, low quality:1.2), (greyscale, monochrome:1.1), anime, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, 
Steps: 10, Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE Karras, CFG scale: 3, Seed: 2728905077, Face restoration: CodeFormer, Size: 683x512

This artwork serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities when creativity meets innovation. Stay tuned for more adventures in art, where imagination knows no bounds! Comment, critique, like, follow, subscribe. #TheDarkKnightRises #StableDiffusionArt #MixMediaMarvel #CreativeTransformation

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