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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | A Night in Alicante

Issue 4 Just Release Mag Vol 1 Short Stories Stories Content Section

Dr. Jeckyll footsteps echoed through the narrow streets of Alicante as he made his way to his favorite watering hole, a local rusty bar tucked away in a forgotten corner of the town. The weight of the day hung heavy on his shoulders, each step a weary testament to the trials and tribulations he faced at work. But tonight was different. Tonight, he sought solace in the warm embrace of alcohol, hoping to drown out the monotony of his mundane existence.

Pushing open the creaking door, Dr. Jeckyll was greeted by the familiar scent of stale beer and cigarette smoke. The dimly lit interior of the bar offered a welcome respite from the harsh glare of the outside world. Making his way to the bar, Dr. Jeckyll settled into a quiet corner, his eyes scanning the sparsely populated room. It seemed that tonight, he would have the place mostly to himself.

Ordering his usual drink, Dr. Jeckyll took a long sip, relishing the familiar burn as the liquid fire slid down his throat. As the night wore on, he found himself ordering drink after drink, the alcohol working its magic to numb his senses and dull the ache in his soul. But with each passing hour, a strange sensation began to stir within him, a feeling he knew all too well.

It was like a dormant beast awakening from its slumber, a wicked twin with a penchant for chaos and destruction. Dr. Jeckyll felt the familiar tug of the Mr. Hyde, that darker side of himself that reveled in mischief and mayhem. It whispered seductively in his ear, tempting him to embrace the madness and lose himself in the night.

And so, with a devilish grin, Dr. Jeckyll let Mr. Hyde take the reins, surrendering himself to the wild whims of his alter ego. The night blurred into a whirlwind of bar-hopping and reckless abandon, Mr. Hyde leading Dr. Jekyll on a merry dance through the labyrinthine streets of Alicante.

They stumbled from one dimly lit tavern to the next, engaging in wild conversations, accepting invitations from strangers, and even indulging in the occasional confrontation. Mr. Hyde’s laughter echoed in Jekyll’s’s ears, a cacophony of madness that drowned out the world around him.

But as the first light of dawn began to filter through the grimy windows of the bar, Dr. Jekyll felt the grip of Mr. Hyde begin to loosen. The adrenaline-fueled frenzy of the night began to fade, leaving behind only a hollow emptiness.

Alone once more, Dr. Jekyll found himself staring into the abyss of his own reflection, the remnants of the night’s debauchery staring back at him from the bottom of an empty liquor bottle. The heat of the rising sun warmed his face, a stark reminder of the harsh reality awaiting him outside the confines of the bar.

With a heavy sigh, Dr. Jekyll pushed himself to his feet, the weight of his actions settling like a leaden anchor in the pit of his stomach. As he stumbled out into the harsh light of day, he couldn’t help but wonder if the Mr. Hyde would ever release its hold on him, or if he was doomed to dance this dark dance for eternity.

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