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Harnessing the Power of FK Control Rig in Unreal Engine

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For aspiring game developers and seasoned professionals alike, animation is a crucial aspect of bringing characters to life in the virtual world. With advancements in technology, tools like Unreal Engine have revolutionized the animation process, offering powerful features that streamline workflow and enhance creative possibilities.

We’ll dive into the world of animation in Unreal Engine, focusing specifically on how to leverage the FK (Forward Kinematics) Control Rig to animate characters imported from Reallusion Character Creator.

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Understanding FK Control Rig

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s briefly discuss what FK Control Rig is and why it’s an invaluable tool for animators. FK Control Rig provides a flexible and intuitive way to manipulate joints and bones within a character’s skeleton. Unlike IK (Inverse Kinematics), which calculates joint positions based on the end-effector’s location, FK Control Rig allows animators to directly control the orientation of each joint, offering more precise control over motion.

FK Control Rigs are procedurally-generated Control Rigs that can be added to any Skeletal Mesh in Sequencer, regardless of whether that actor has a Control Rig asset or not. These rigs can be used to make additive adjustments to bones without requiring you to create an entire Control Rig asset. Additionally, you can bake any Animation Sequence to an FK Control Rig to perform overriding adjustments.

Importing Characters from Character Creator

To get started, you’ll need to import your character from Character Creator into Unreal Engine. Ensure that your character’s skeleton is properly rigged and compatible with Unreal Engine’s animation system. Once imported, you’ll have access to your character’s skeleton and mesh within the Engine. Make sure you have CC Auto Setup for Unreal Engine plugin set on your Project folder. This will make the import process much easier and it will keep all materials organized.

Image of Screenshot of Character Creator Exporting Settings with Character by venezArt next to it.

Setting Up FK Control Rig

With your character imported, it’s time to set up the FK Control Rig. Create a new Level Sequence, so we can have a place to work with our imported character. Proceed to add character into the sequencer editor and add a Skeleton Mesh Component. Then proceed to add a FK Control Rig. This will give you the capabilities to select and move any body part in your character.

Image Screenshot of Unreal Engine Viewport and Sequencer Editor displaying a Character with motion edit tools enabled by venezArt

Once the Control Rig is set up, you’ll have access to a set of controls corresponding to each joint in your character’s skeleton. These controls can be manipulated to pose and animate your character with precision.

Animating with FK Control Rig

Animating with FK Control Rig is a straightforward process that involves manipulating the controls to achieve desired poses and movements. Select the appropriate control for the joint you wish to animate, such as the shoulder, elbow, or wrist, and adjust its orientation to pose the character accordingly.

With FK Control Rig, you have the freedom to animate each joint individually, allowing for intricate and dynamic motion. Whether you’re animating a character’s walk cycle, combat animations, or expressive gestures, FK Control Rig provides the flexibility and control needed to bring your vision to life.

Tips and Tricks

  • Experiment with different control schemes and workflows to find what works best for you.
  • Utilize keyframe animation to create smooth and fluid motion.
  • Take advantage of Unreal Engine’s animation blending and layering capabilities to refine your animations further.
  • Don’t be afraid to iterate and refine your animations until they meet your standards of quality and polish.


Animation is a fundamental aspect of game development, and mastering tools like FK Control Rig in Unreal Engine can elevate your projects to new heights. By harnessing the power of FK Control Rig, you can bring your characters to life with precision and creativity, unlocking a world of possibilities for your games.

So why wait? Dive into the world of animation with Unreal Engine and unleash your creativity today!

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