About venezArt Dev Studio

Welcome to VenezArt Dev Studio

Founded in 1997, venezArt Dev Studio is an American company founded by Artist/Entrepreneur Ruy Machado. The company is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. Today venezArt is a interactive entertainment company and provider of 3D digital human models, 3D characters and Metaverse object assets. venezArt 3D digital characters and models can be used across industries such as gaming, film and television, architecture, automotive, manufacturing, and simulation. Through venezArt site, venezArt Store, and venezArt’s Online Services. venezArt provides an end-to-end digital ecosystem solution for developers and creators to build, rig, and animate 3D digital characters. And through the site a gallery of venezArt’s work, as well as project updates and news.

Leverage our premier 3D characters and content to bring your ideas into reality and imagination to life with your own poses, animations, and renders. Discover our growing free and premium 3D digital human avatars and 3D architectural and worlds creation content.

venezArt Dev Studio
P.O Box 1781 Jupiter, FL 33468