In the ever-evolving world of computer-generated imagery (CGI), the boundary between reality and digital art is rapidly dissolving. This transformation is driven by cutting-edge technologies, including AI-generated synthography and advanced computer graphics software. Tools like Stable Diffusion and the latest in generative AI software are enabling artists to create hyper-realisticContinue Reading

Synthography of the Joker as header for venezArt magazine article

In the world of digital art, there is a technique called synthography that is gaining popularity. This innovative method allows creators to transform textual descriptions into realistic images, giving them the chance to bring their imagination to life. In this experiment, we will be using synthography to create a photorealisticContinue Reading

The Dark Knight Header Post Image of Mixed Media image of Batman

Behold, the Caped Crusader in all his glory! This rendition of Batman, created with a blend of mixed media and the mesmerizing Stable Diffusion, truly takes the Dark Knight to new heights. With careful fine-tuning stable diffusion to a specific drawing style, every line and shadow were meticulously crafted toContinue Reading

Synthographic of a Launch in a Vaporwave art style

I am thrilled to introduce an exciting new concept art prompt that pays homage to the mesmerizing world of Vaporwave. This genre, characterized by its dreamy, retro-futuristic aesthetic, has captivated artists and creators worldwide. Now, it’s your turn to dive into this evocative realm. Vaporwave is a visual and musicalContinue Reading

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to announce our new prompt, which is all about futuristic environmental, and awe-inspiring building concept art. The idea is to create a specific art style that will be based on cyberpunk gender, inspired by some of my favorite artists like Simon Bisley. The concept workContinue Reading

Synthographic image of four female characters in a Pop Art and Graffiti art style

Alright here we go… in my efforts and continue exploration into synthography… I have been running several different artistic tests, mix-match styles, colors, moods, etc… Ran into this cool Ink Punk / Graffiti style, which I think you will enjoy… (Masterpiece Vector image:1.3) of (Detailed illustration:1.3),(Grim:1.3) abstract portrait of aContinue Reading

Synthography CGI imag of CyberPunk like cities and ruins

I’m excited to announce our new prompt! This time, we’ll be exploring environmental and building structure concept art instead of the usual character-focused scenes. As an artist, I wanted to switch things up and showcase something new for my portfolio. So, without further ado, I’m thrilled to introduce a freshContinue Reading

CGI of Harley Quinn DC in several different styles

Introducing the latest Ai prompt: Harley Quinn Edition! Get ready to unleash your creativity with our brand-new AI prompt featuring the iconic Harley Quinn! Simply describe your wildest vision, and watch as the AI brings it to life in vivid detail. From mischievous grins to daring antics, the possibilities areContinue Reading

colorful CGI Ai Image of street vendor, with tacos

Hello, creative souls! We’re spicing things up at venezArt with a delicious twist! Introducing our sizzling new set of prompts inspired by everyone’s favorite day of the week – Taco Tuesday! ((Masterpiece, best quality, hyper real Quality)), ((1 man)), ((handing over a taco)), ((close up shot) (male cook vendor inContinue Reading

Zen digital art of buddha in a temple post header

Greetings, fellow creatives! We are thrilled to introduce a brand new set of prompts on venezArt, specially curated to infuse your artistic journey with a touch of Zen serenity. These prompts are designed to evoke a sense of calm, balance, and introspection, allowing you to explore the depths of yourContinue Reading