Rabbit Girl by venezArt. 3D, Digital Art, Illustration, Graphic Design.Image created using Character Creator 4, Blender and Photopea. Introducing Rabbit Girl. A manic and impulsive bounty hunter from the deep city of SoFlo City. R.G. lives to wreak havoc without care for the consequences. With an arsenal of deadly weapons, she unleashes theContinue Reading

Viking of War by venezArt. Digital Art, Illustration, Graphic Design. Image created using Character Creator 4 and Photopea.Inspired by the character from Sony Entertainment, God of War . This viking warrior was a great project. I wasn’t really going for a replicate of the actual god of war character but instead copy someContinue Reading

KraneBB by venezArt. Digital Art, Hard Surface Modeling Image created using Blender and Photopea.Very cool project. Create your own by following the excellent tutorial by Blender Bros. It was great practice and learning experience. Many new updates and improvements to the 3D world make it easy to get started. Hard surface modeling isContinue Reading