Making Your Ideas into Reality!
This is easier than ever, with all available resources online, like drawing tutorials, YouTube channels, open source software, to name a few.
My goal with the page is to provide a list of software I use, used or have tested and found to be a good software. Please read our affiliate disclosure. This does not influence my decision for which software or product makes it to the list, but I wanted to mention our affiliate disclosure for full transparency.

Graphics & Illustrations

Photopea – Is an online editor, similar to Adobe Photoshop. With similar useful tools and features, like combine, retouch, and remix your pics. Add new color to your old black-and-whites. Get Photopea.


Daz 3D – Is a 3D software, similar to UnReal Metahumans, Reallusion Character Creator 4 and Smith Micro Poser. Daz 3D offers morph technology so you can mix and match your characters with morph dials. Making it easier than ever to develop those characters sitting in your head as simple ideas. Get Daz 3D*

References and Collages

PureRef – PureRef is a software where you can easily organize references for idea creation, concept art reference, etc… I have no other software to compare it to but, software for idea creation for office use are more commend and something you might be more familiar to, like SimpleMind. Get PureRef.


NVIDIA Omniverse – NVIDIA Omniverse™ is a scalable, multi-GPU real-time reference development platform for building and operating metaverse applications and based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description and NVIDIA RTX™ technology. Get NVIDIA Omniverse

TAO Toolkit – Create highly accurate, customized, and production-ready AI models to power your speech and computer vision AI applications. The NVIDIA TAO Toolkit, built on TensorFlow and PyTorch, uses the power of transfer learning while simultaneously simplifying the model training process and optimizing the model for inference throughput on the target platform. Get NVIDIA TAO