Welcome, art enthusiasts and tech aficionados, and entrepreneurs to another exciting edition of venezArt magazine! In this issue, we’re diving deep into the intersection of art, technology, and creativity, bringing you the latest updates from the forefront of the digital art world. From groundbreaking events to innovative tools and inspiringContinue Reading

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For aspiring game developers and seasoned professionals alike, animation is a crucial aspect of bringing characters to life in the virtual world. With advancements in technology, tools like Unreal Engine have revolutionized the animation process, offering powerful features that streamline workflow and enhance creative possibilities. We’ll dive into the worldContinue Reading

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In the dynamic world of digital art and culture, venezArt’s eMag stands out as a beacon of creativity, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. The anticipation for the eMag’s latest edition has reached a fever pitch with the release of an intriguing video teaser ad that promises an immersive andContinue Reading

Anime of a cyborg face within a futuristic vending machine.

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of “Fortune Teller,” a captivating 3D computer animation that promises to enchant audiences with its artistry. I would like to introduce you to the “Fortune Teller,” a robotic fortune-telling machine that has become a popular attraction on city streets of the future. The machine featuresContinue Reading

Animation has always been a mesmerizing medium to tell stories and spark creativity. From old-school hand-drawn animations to new AI computer-generated imagery, technology has been a big deal in shaping the animation industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exciting world of animation using Character Creator and EbSynth,Continue Reading

Tan Girl by venezArt. Digital Art. Image created using Reallusion Character Creator 3 and Adobe Photoshop CS5. My goal is always to take on a challenge when creating or developing a new project. Tan Girl is part of a bigger project in the development “COVID19 A 3D Graphics Experience”. Enjoy, Critique, Share, &Continue Reading

Bow Down, by venezArt. Fan Art inspired by movie Planet of the Apes. Image created using Reallusion Character Creator 3 and Adobe Photoshop CS5. If you haven’t seen the movie Planet of the Apes. I recommend it, if action over the top, from beginning to end is your type of movie. My goal isContinue Reading